SharePoint 2019

The Coolest Features of SharePoint 2019

Not all enterprises have chosen the cloud. Many still make do with on-premises systems. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that Microsoft is a major player when it comes to cloud-based services and on-premises enterprise platforms. In this blog, we will be taking a look at one of the most widely used microsoft technology solutions in the World – SharePoint.

In 2019, we will likely witness a whole new generation of Office servers such as SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype for Business etc. hit the market with innovative features that reflect the cloud-dominated future that’s in the making – enough to upgrade modern data centers hopefully.

But let’s focus on SharePoint 2019 and its best features for now.

The most recent evolutions of SharePoint made it an on-premises platform offering a number of benefits for enterprises in the form of Modern SharePoint Experiences.

Modern SharePoint Team Sites

Modern SharePoint Team Sites are responsive and comes with an out-of-the-box engine to publish news. Users will be able to share news with the team further enhancing the already improved collaboration that SharePoint facilitates. Unlike most modern Team Sites that are connected to an Office 365 group, Modern on-premises Team Sites don’t require integration with Exchange to function properly.

Modern SharePoint Communication Sites

As the name suggests, Communication Sites primarily serve the purpose of facilitating information sharing across teams. It’s one of the major pillars of collaboration that SharePoint is known for. Communication Sites in SharePoint 2019 now feature three new templates – Blank, Topic, and Showcase. Included users will be able to share news, policies, and information with each other on an elegant interface.

Modern Search Experience

The Modern Search Experience feature completes SharePoint’s transition to on-premises. Modern Search Experience in SharePoint 2019 enables users to easily find documents, list items and people inside the SharePoint environment.

SharePoint Home

Possibly one of the best features in SharePoint on-premises, the SharePoint Home shows news from both Team Sites and Communication Sites in a single location. Additionally, the sites that you follow and the activities from each site are brought together thanks to the feature. Easier access to your favorite sites is the icing on the cake.

OneDrive Synchronization

SharePoint Server 2019 enables on-premises SharePoint to benefit from the most recent improvements in Windows 10 and OneDrive. As a matter of fact, SharePoint 2019 features the latest version of OneDrive which also goes by the name Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC).

Considering the fact that the introduction of OneDrive positively influenced the demand for SharePoint development services, it’s safe to assume that the latest OneDrive version will increase SharePoint adoption rate even further in the coming years.

Power BI Report Server Integration

SharePoint 2019 also removed or deprecated a few Business Intelligence features but integrated Power BI Report Server in return. With the Power BI Report Server, users will be able to create sensational reports that can be easily displayed in SharePoint Server 2019.


SharePoint is already a favorite for companies offering agile software development services. Now that a number of great features that made the community embrace SharePoint Online also made their way to on-premises in SharePoint Server 2019, business users will most certainly find all the aforementioned features exciting enough to migrate to SharePoint 2019 to leverage the popular platform in their on-premises environments.