There has been so much buzz around Google’s latest update named BERT. It is hailed as a massive and the biggest step for the history of search altogether.

Written by: Shibu Kumar

“The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google search results”. This internet meme indicates the importance of being on the first page of the search engine be it Google, Bing or Yahoo. Research shows that more than 50% of all search engine users click on a result on the first page. Hence keyword ranking has a major impact on web traffic, lead generation and conversions.

Written by: Prashant Thomas

People learn to recognize faces from birth and nearly at the age of four months can identify one person from another. This feature is unique to the human brain because other species identify by smells and touch. The human brain takes only an instant to assess the features on those faces and fits them to the matching individual. But it is a complex program for a computer.

Written by: Prashant Thomas
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