There is a reason why managed server hosting is considered one of the best web hosting solutions for medium to high traffic websites. The website owner gets a server fully managed by a team of expert technicians in the hosting company. The web owner would then won’t have to bother with the technicalities of the hosting package. Every technical and network-related issues will be dealt with by the hosting provider.

However, despite its demand, there still seems to be a lot of misconceptions and myths about managed hosting, particularly managed dedicated hosting.

Here are a few popular myths busted.

#1. Managed dedicated hosting is too expensive

Considering the fact that dedicated hosting solutions are comparatively more expensive, it’s obvious that people think a managed hosting service would be even more expensive. Managed hosting is certainly going to cost more than unmanaged hosting. But when considering the benefits of such a hosting solution, the extra cost is totally justified.

The web owner won’t have to worry about server maintenance, server upgrades, uptimes, downtimes and technical issues. The team managing the server would be monitoring it 24/7 and performing all the updates and security checks while the owners go about with their business. They won’t have to pay for extra staff or rent space for setting up a server either. Ultimately, it does save them time and money.

#2. Managed hosting is only for people who are not tech-savvy

Though it’s the ideal option for people who are not very keen on technologies, it can also be of great benefit to tech-savvy web owners as well. If it’s managed, the web owners, tech-savvy or tech-not-that-savvy, would be from the hassles and challenges of maintaining a redundant server setup.

Technical issues, should they appear, won’t be interrupting their work or taking their time. The service essentially saves time and effort while providing a plethora of benefits.

#3. You don’t get to choose the software

This used to be the case in the beginning. And many hosting providers offering dedicated servers design their packages to meet business needs. Reputed providers would be using the most reliable and secure software in their servers promising the best performance. However, you will still be able to install custom software that you require after discussing with your web host. But in most cases, it’d be better to trust in your host’s experience and expertise when it comes to software choices.

#4. For that cost, the data will always be safe and secure

This is why people are willing to go that extra mile and pay more for a better hosting solution. Renting a dedicated server means only their websites would be on the server, and they get more control. A reliable hosting company would guarantee the safety of the machine as well. However, the hard truth is that no matter how good the provider is or how secure the hosting server, there are always risks.

A managed hosting server set-up will be constantly monitored to ensure that there are no failures at any time. However, there are circumstances, though very rare, that could result in a short server downtimes, outages etc. even if it’s a cloud hosting solution.


Not many web owners choose to spend time researching a web hosting provider before purchasing a hosting package. Most of them tend to approach popular hosts and make the deal in a jiffy.

Because web hosting is a diverse and competitive sector, as a web owner, you need to be aware of the various myths and facts associated with hosting. These are just a few of the most popular misconceptions on dedicated hosting. Hopefully the article would help you find a better hosting choice.

Written by: Safeer

Building the business online is every entrepreneur’s concern now. The internet is what’s presenting them with opportunities to do just that. It allows you to capitalize on various things to grow your business. But to do that effectively, the business needs to have an identity online – something that defines them. And that is a website. Businesses won’t come alive online without a website.

With a website, a business gets to reach out to people, and connect with potential customers on a local or global scale. It’s their online presence that gets people interested. The overall experience a website offers, among many other things, influences the decisions of its visitors – to purchase or not to purchase. It’s why this ‘online presence’ should be as good as possible if you wish your business to succeed online.

Tracking campaigns to increase online visibility and search engine optimization are vital to ensure that the website fulfills its purpose. A truly powerful, professional and visually appealing website can work wonders for small, medium, and large enterprises.

However, we still don’t see the real backbone of the internet – web hosting.

Without web hosting, there will be no websites. Internet wouldn’t have become such a powerful tool if web hosting had not been there.

This brings us to our topic at hand.

Hosting providers can help

A reliable web hosting provider can help a business build a great website that won’t slow a business down in the long run. Sure their primary purpose is to host and manage websites. But good web hosts would likely know the latest trends in the ever-expanding world of internet.

They clearly understand their role, and possess the expertise and experience to help businesses grow online by leveraging websites. They can recommend what a website needs to feed a specific business type, small or big. They can recommend the type of hosting solution that would be apt for the website so it doesn’t impede the business’ progress in any way. Essentially, a good web hosting company can guide entrepreneurs in the right direction to take their business higher.

How they do it

A ‘hygienic’ website is crucial. For instance, a website may experience degrading performance and other issues when traffic increases. They may need a more powerful server to maintain the performance during traffic spikes. Too many programs and apps in the hosting server may also affect the website’s health. There are many other factors.

A web host knows the importance of website hygiene. But only reliable ones constantly monitor the health of the website. They make sure everything’s running optimally, and also identify issues that consume a lot of resources. A slow-loading website can irritate visitors. A visitor once annoyed is less likely to return, according to studies.


In addition to constant monitoring and reliable technical support, a good web host can help you get in touch with capable web developers and designers who can give you the perfect online identity for your business. As for the web host, they can host it and make sure it does what’s meant to do always. Now you know why it’s a good idea to approach web hosts who are also knowledgeable when it comes to websites and their traits.

Written by: Safeer